Where’s Wally?

Man.. what a way to start a blog series, eh? I published the first article about R and then two months of total silence. Hopefully by now everyone that reads this blog already resorted to Google to learn more about R and are all masters on the topic.
So, what happened? A lot!

First of all, I decided to make a significant career change. I’ve been working as a consultant for the past ten years, and while I had a lot of fun doing it, I was missing some things about working full time for one company. So two months ago I accepted an offer to work as a data analyst in a Payroll software as a service company. Since then I was getting familiar with their environment, learning a couple of new tools, etc. which kept me busy.

Second, for the past two years, I was slowly working towards my Canadian private pilot license. It was taking forever due to my lack of time and months between lessons. With the summer approaching and plans of having a few trips with family and friends I decided it was time to focus for a few weeks and get done with this. Which I did a couple of weeks ago, and now I can proudly say that I’m a private pilot! 🙂

And lastly I had the bad, but not surprising, news that I was not renewed as a Microsoft MVP this year due to my lack of contributions to the community in the past year.
I’m thankful for the Microsoft MVP program, and it was an honor to be part of it for the past five years, and I won’t stop writing posts, helping in forums and speaking in events because I’m out of the program. I’ve always done this because I like it, and not because of a title. I just had so much happened that I could not focus in the community lately. But hopefully, this is going to change now!

So keep tuned that I’m back (again)!

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