CADORS Analytics

Disclaimer: This page is not affiliated with Transport Canada. All data shown here is publicly available through the CADORS  page and my goal is just to simplify its analysis. The dashboard contains all occurrences available through the CADORS since 1993 and it’s updated daily. For better visualization, I recommend clicking the icon on the right bottom corner to enter FULL-SCREEN mode. Press ESC on your keyboard to exit the full-screen mode.

Occurrences Analysis
Fatalities Analysis

Using the CADORS Analytics dashboard: For better reading and analysis click the icon on the right bottom corner to enter full-screen mode. The dashboard is totally interactive if you click one area of the chart all other areas will be filtered by your selection. For instance, if you select Manitoba in the “Number of Occurrences by Province” on the first page, the other 3 charts in the page will be filtered to show only Manitoba data. You can select multiple data points by holding the CONTROL key on your keyboard.
Most charts support drilling down in the information. For instance, on the second page, we have the “Number of Occurrences by Aircraft Make and Model” chart. If you hover your mouse over this chart you will see a toolbar appear on the top. On the right side, you have a button with a single arrow pointing down. Clicking this button will enable the “Drill Down” mode. After clicking this button you can click on Cessna and instead of the default behavior of filtering out all other charts to show only Cessna data, you will this time drill down and see all Cessna Models. If you want to go back one level, click on the Up Arrow in the left top corner of the chart.
You can filter a specific timeframe by moving the sliders in the Period box or by typing the dates in the corresponding boxes.

Contact: If you have any issues, comments or suggestions of analysis to make send me an email at